Maui Fundraising Project

Series of pieces designed with sea-glass which was brought to me by a friend years ago from Italy. The series was inspired by both my love for the ocean by which I grew up, and my wonderful memories of a Hawaiian vacation. As I was fabricating the pieces, the tragic wildfires hit Maui hard, devastating the beautiful island and its people.

To help with the basic needs of the people in Maui affected by this tragedy, I am donating 50% of the sale price of each piece purchased in this series to the Hawaiian American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The donation will be listed on this website and on my Instagram page once the funds are sent.

UPDATE: With 2 additional pendants and the 6 pendants sold here, I was happy to send more than $1000.00 to the above mentioned disaster relief fund on 12/29/23. Thanks to all who participated in this worthy cause!

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