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{news and events} 4-12-21

N. Karpel Studio Relocated!
In 2015, I moved my studio to a brighter and more open space in the same building and same floor as my previous space at The Marlin Business Center.
(Building 12, Studio F).
Marlin Business Center has been re-named MARLINWORKS. Signage has changed, and my building has been reclassified as “Building Eagle”.
The former “Building A” now has a beige eagle painted on the outside wall. For those of you who have visited before, you still enter from (Building A) Eagle Building elevator but you’ll take a right out of the elevator (instead of a left) and I’m in the first studio on the right as you enter the hallway (see wall sign).

Studio Hours and Changes

COVID 19 changes:
N. Karpel Studio is open for curbside delivery and pre-paid pickup of repair items, and pickup of pre-paid website purchases. Please note that during the pandemic all website sales are final and returns will not be accepted. We are offering free shipping on in-stock jewelry purchases during this time. As soon as we can safely accommodate the general public, we’ll again have open studio hours.

NEW:  Both new customers and current clientele may visit the studio by appointment. CDC recommendations for safety will be followed. Masks are required for both staff and client, and hand sanitizer must be used upon entry.

Please call 203-782-9108 to arrange for appointments, purchases, and items to be repaired.

PMC Classes

With so many of us being vaccinated for Covid 19,  I am planning to resume teaching PMC workshops at Guilford Art Center this summer.
I have scheduled two Discover PMC beginner workshops there (one in June and one in August), and you can register on the GAC website below.


(GAC) Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT: Look for my workshop listings for PMC classes, under jewelry classes or adult workshops. Register on the website.
(GIA) Gemological Institute of America: Learn what to look for when buying diamonds.
Fellow artisan and friend Maishe Dickman’s work in clay

{update-working through covid 19} 09-20-2020
Update to the May 16, 2020 entry below
My CA client was thrilled with her custom made commemorative necklaces! Of the long neck-piece I sent her she texted, “I just opened the necklace. It is really fabulous! What a great memento you’ve created for me!” She remarked that she wore the shorter necklace on a Zoom meeting, but hadn’t yet worn the long neck-piece.
Of the shorter necklace I sent her she texted, “I love it! It’s really nicely balanced. Thank you! I get so many compliments! Even men ask [about it]. That’s how you know it’s a standout!” This is the frosting on the cake when I custom make jewelry for a client. I love hearing and seeing the reactions when the piece is finished and being enjoyed. It makes me so happy that she loves the pieces, and I had fun making them!

September marks our 44th anniversary as a professional jewelry art studio!
We have survived several economic downturns over the years and I thank our loyal clientele and all of those who have purchased from us over the years. My appreciation of the gift of those who have collected my work is equal to that of my own imagination and creativity.
Your support continues to inspire me, especially during this challenging time!

{working through covid 19} 05-16-2020

With most of the businesses at MarlinWorks closed and employees staying home, I have been able to work safely at the studio for a few hours per week.
I’m working on a fun project for a dear client in California, whose beloved aunt left her an inheritance of many small pins from her travels throughout Germany and surrounding countries and from her many sports interests and accomplishments throughout her life. Her aunt attached these pins to a green hat as the type worn by many to Octoberfest in Germany!
I’m setting the pins in small constructions which will be linked together and worn as a long necklace to commemorate the aunt. Many of the pins are colorful enamel shield shapes and others are various configurations of sports items, dancers, steins, windmills, etc…
This is a great project for me at this time, as I ponder my next creative venture in silver and gold!
And of course, to brighten my days, I make sure I wear earrings or a small necklace, even though I know I may be the only one to see them! There are several bright new jewelry items on the website, which I finished just before the pandemic. I’m working on getting all of my pieces displayed there. You can purchase by phone and pay on-line, with curbside pick-up, local delivery, or free shipping options.

Please call me at 203-782-9108 if you see something you’d like to purchase!
In the meantime, until we can meet again, I hope you all stay healthy and find ways to enjoy your time!

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